Waste recycling


Cardboard, office paper, newspapers, magazines, books, and much more

We purchase waste paper and cardboard. After having sorted it out and, if necessary, after processing it, we sell it back to the paper and cardboard industry in the form of a secondary raw material for the production of new paper and cardboard.
Due to the experience built up over the years, our excellent know-how, and our numerous international connections, we are able to offer many kinds of grades of waste paper and cardboard in a fast and efficient way-worldwide.


PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP and others

In addition to our main market in waste paper, we buy and sell various types of used plastics and films such as PET bottles, buckets, compound films, strapping tapes, waste containers, stretch films, and much more.
We sell the purchased plastics, after some sorting where appropriate, on to the manufacturing industry, where the used plastics are processed to create new products. In this way, we help secure and optimize the recycling of valuable raw materials.


We are the only company in Albania collecting and recycling glass waste. We are also the only waste recycling plant to comply with the European Union (EU) regulation for cullet of glass waste (EU 1179/2012). In our recycling facility, we generate glass cullet from the recovery of glass waste. Our glass cullet meet the technical requirements of the glass producing industry, comply with EU standards, and can be re-melted in EU based-glass factories. In June 2014 we received this recognition by an EU-accredited institution as a confirmation of our company’s ability to produce glass cullet according to EU standards.


We also collect empty toner cartridges for printers and electronic waste including office equipment such as discarded computers, printers, cell phones, fax machines, etc. These items cannot be put into landfills because of their heavy metal content. Recycling e-waste protects human and environmental health. It also helps to conserve our earth’s precious natural resources.

Used cooking oil

Waste cooking oil is produced every day. However, used cooking oil must not be disposed of with normal waste.
Any food business that produces waste cooking oil must have it collected and recycled by an authorized organization.

We offer our customers in the gastronomy and hotel industry a comprehensive service package which guarantees an easy and clean collection, a reliable pick-up service, and a professional and compliant disposal of used cooking oil.

General /Food/Non-Recyclable Waste

We also offer convenient and cost-effective services for the collection and disposal of general waste, non-recyclable waste and/or food waste produced by your business.

Our services are extremely flexible. Waste removal can be on an on-call basis or scheduled right up to seven days a week. We can also assist your business with emergency/rapid removal of any unplanned waste. Our trucks operate daily throughout Tirana and can be scheduled on a program that complements your businesses requirements.